About Us

Keystone Alliance PAC is a multi-candidate Federal PAC. Our mission is to support Federal Candidates that are committed to our core Republican values of promoting economic growth and limited government. We will focus our resources primarily on PA Republicans.

The Keystone Alliance PAC is chaired by Walter D’Alessio, longtime business and civic leader in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. As Chairman of the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, Mr. D’Alessio works tirelessly to redevelop Philadelphia and draw new businesses to our region. He is committed to supporting candidates that share his passion for our region and urban centers.

The treasurer of the PAC is Robert Asher, Pennsylvania’s Republican National Committeeman. Mr. Asher has been working for Republican candidates and the Republican Party for almost his entire life. His counsel and support is sought by candidates running for President to township commissioner, but no matter what office you seek his support is predicated upon a candidate’s commitment to the principles of pro-growth and fiscal responsibility.

Never in our nation’s history has it been more important to have elected officials committed to these principles and it is incumbent upon us to support them.

Bob Asher

Republican National Committee Member and Keystone PAC Treasurer