About KAP

The Keystone Alliance PAC is a multi-candidate Federal PAC based in Pennsylvania. Our mission is to support Federal Candidates that are committed to our core Republican values. Focusing primarily on Republicans in PA, we strive to support those who share our values of limited government and economic freedom.

The leaders behind the Keystone Alliance PAC are what make the PAC so effective in supporting these values. Our esteemed Board of Directors have all been longtime business and civic leaders who have worked to improve Pennsylvania in their careers. They also share a passion for upholding the principles of the PAC and have worked tirelessly to support those who share their beliefs. Their connections to government at the federal level have helped to grow our organization and ensure that donors receive the best experience possible.

KAP is not like other PACs. With us, donors get unique experiences that have impacted the Representatives that we support as well as shape the course of government at a federal level. Our donors connect with Representatives regularly at our exclusive events and get a close look at all that is being done to put their money to work.

It is our duty and pleasure to help support the Republican values of our donors, and we are grateful that you help us continue our mission.

Never in our nation’s history has it been more important to have elected officials committed to these principles and it is incumbent upon us to support them.

Bob Asher

Republican National Committee Member and Keystone PAC Treasurer